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Why We Must Fight for Drastic Climate Action

The following is the speech delivered by Kareena Birla at the September General Strike.

Hi, I'm Kareena! I have been campaigning for action on climate change for 8 months now as it is the most important problem we face. Having a learning difficulty makes education very difficult for me as well as being from a working-class Asian background and I know that there are others in my situation who have struggles in life affected by our background.

So, I feel very strongly about this, I do not want all our hard work going to waste for a future that we may never have.

The working-class, like me, and the majority of us simply cannot make changes on our own in order to bring about change; this is why we need top-down immediate drastic change. Even if we all make individual changes, it still will not be enough; we cannot let this crisis prevail.

We have to demand a change, for a better life for you, your children, grandchildren, friends, cousins, siblings. We need to force change for humanity, for the pacific islands which will be gone in 10 years like Tuvalu, villages in India which are disappearing due to companies using the land for their buildings, as well as the flooding currently taking place in Punjab, I worry if my family, or your family, will be next; this just shows how flawed the current system is that we suffer under.

It is one which puts profit before people, this crisis ahead of us is a clear sign of this, the world is dying before us, and we can't deny this anymore. The amazon is burning, as should our hearts be for a solution for this crisis.

Many people say that the UK isn’t that bad in terms of carbon emissions; however, we need to use our position in the world to set an example for countries around the world, as well as halt anything before it gets worse.

4.6 million people are dying from air pollution alone, and this number is rising every day! I didn't even believe this statistic when I first heard it due to how simply absurd it is!

This shouldn't be an issue we should all be here standing around protesting about today. This is why we need to force change!

In fact, prior to learning about the urgency of this matter my focus was the flaws in the education system, welfare, special needs, these are problems which will never be solved before this crisis gets solved, the government has the power to do so. I right now, should be at college as many of us are supposed to be, working hard for our futures, one that we may never have.

The crisis is happening now and I know that if we keep campaigning like this, spreading awareness, we can make a change; Thank you.

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