• Climate Strike Leicester

Why the Young Will Not Stop Fighting

Updated: May 6, 2019

The following is a speech delivered by Lucia Guzy-Kirkden at the April strike.

At this moment, across the globe, the young are uniting to do what our governments refuse to.

We are standing strong against a government who refuses to face up to the reality of the climate crisis. As storms are raging across the planet, they are comfortably sheltered in the houses of parliament, squabbling over trade deals and internal party conflicts. This is at a time when, more than ever, we need unity. The government is letting itself fall to pieces at a time when we need it most.

Their environmental laws are weak. The prime minister is failing us because she cares more about pleasing big business than she does about halting climate change. The government invests where it suits it, pretending to be acting for our environment, but really protecting corporate interests. If we are going make effective environmental change, we must invest in green technology, and enforce regulations on industry and agriculture. Short-sighted, expedient policies will get us nowhere.

May is trying to ignore us. She thinks that if she does not mention us or our fight, we will simply go away. She wants us to stop bothering her government with our calls to save our future. Because, as she said, we’re just truants, flighty and childish, who will soon get bored and give up.

Yet, how could this be true, when we are gaining following every day, when our movement is getting stronger with every march. Our movement will not dissolve, we will not scurry back to our nice warm classrooms whilst Venice, Florida, and India go underwater, causing thousands of individuals to flee their homes.

The government’s belittlement of our cause only fuels our resolve. For decades, the Tory governments have ground down the young, cutting youth mental health funding, raising university fees, denying us a vote in the Brexit referendum, and now this.

So we protest to prove that we will not be ignored. If anyone should have a say in the way our country moves forward it is us, because it is our future at stake- and we’d rather like to have one. So we will shout louder and louder until we are not only heard, but listened to. We will fight until our government is willing to fight for us.