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Announcement: Plans for the Summer

From Joseph Faire.

As was announced at the June strike, we have made the decision to not formally organise strikes on the planned dates in July and August. This means that we, the organising body of 20-30 or so dedicated strikers, will not specifically be putting up posters and arranging a march/speeches/a PA system etc. However, it goes without saying that you would still be more than welcome to turn up at the clock tower on the given dates with your own banners. Our decision is for the following reasons:

1) The demonstrations during the summer holidays would not involve striking from school. This would devalue the meaning of our actual strike actions, and create a lower level of non-strike protests which schools will point to and say, "See? Why can't you do that?"

2) We want to avoid burn-out. The organisers have started a local movement from scratch in just over 4 months, organising 5 strikes in the process. We get the impression that other strikes allow over 18s to help them organise - we specifically have a principle against this, and therefore have had the task of working this out for the first time, by ourselves. We wouldn't mind a break over the summer, ready to come back in full force for the September general strike.

3) Many of us are college kids in year 12, and with our A-level exams next year approaching, we need to seriously think about beginning to hand things over to the next generation of strikers. Over the summer, we will work out the theory behind our organisational structure, and write down everything we've learned. This will be much easier if we're not also organising strikes; it'll be good to be able to fully dedicate ourselves to this important task.

Finally, we'd like to thank each and every one of you who has either attended our strikes, or supported us in them. It's a brilliant journey, and we hope to continue it in full force after the summer holidays on September 20th in the next global school strike.

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