Who We Are

Campaigners for Climate Action

We are the younger generation who refuse to idly sit by while our planet and our futures are destroyed. We march to show that we will not accept our government's inaction against the growing global crisis of climate change and we will continue to march until our voices are not only heard, but listened to.

Climate Strike Leicester is the Leicester branch of the YouthStrike4Climate movement ignited by Greta Thunberg and her 2018 protests. We participate in national and global marches to protest worldwide inaction against climate change.

Our strike action will not end until politicians instate meaningful environmental policies to cap our greenhouse gas emissions.


Our Principles

The goal of our movement is to raise awareness about the government's inaction against climate change, and in doing so to put pressure on them to act.

  • Be peaceful, non-violent and respectful towards police officers. We do not want our message to be undermined by anti-social behaviour.

  • The nature of this movement is such that we are organised by children, for children. We do not want to be recruited or politically guided by adults.

  • Look out for one another. While we have only actively invited students aged 11 - 18, primary school children are welcome, provided they’re supervised, so please try to make everyone feel welcome.


The purpose of our organisation is to raise awareness of the global crisis that is climate change and to lobby the government to create meaningful environmental policies. We do so through non-confrontational protest.

Protestors need not agree with our manifesto to join the strike; it is simply a collection of ideas to demonstrate our commitment to change.

Currently, the UK government is not on track to meet the targets of the Paris Agreement. Political focus should be on lowering our emissions, and yet politicians are ignoring this pressing issue, with only 40 out of 600 MPs turning up to the most recent parliamentary environmental debate. Therefore, we feel justified in striking until parliament takes this issue seriously and takes action.

To decrease the UK’s emissions, we propose that the government instate laws in order to:

  • Decarbonise the National Grid by stopping use of fossil fuels

  • Regulate industry by introducing a carbon emission tax

  • Increase government investment and political support for research into and development of greenhouse gas removal technologies

  • Encourage re-use of materials and products in industry

  • Encourage use of plastic alternatives in industry

  • Instate subsidies for public purchase and use of solar panels and turbines

  • Support agroforestry in agriculture

  • Increase government investment in the development of zero-emissions vehicles

  • Increase government investment in plastic recycling plants


Whilst changes in the behaviour of individuals are helpful in the promotion of the climate crisis, we do not have enough time to convince 65 million people one-by-one to reduce their carbon footprint. Even if this were possible, it would still not be enough.

There is no single solution to climate change. Veganism or nuclear power alone cannot solve this. To enact meaningful change, the proponents of these strategies must unite.

Whilst we have suggested some provisional policies, it is not the responsibility of individual strikers to provide solutions in order to justify their demonstrative action. We know that this is a crisis and we know that it must be prevented. It is the responsibility of the government, with the aid of specialists in the field, to decide on effective solutions. It is our responsibility to put pressure on them until they do.


The technologies of new green economies are available right now, they are growing cheaper every year, and their capabilities are advancing rapidly. Systemic change through effective environmental policy is now viable, and it is essential to ending the climate crisis.

At Climate Strike Leicester, we know that the Green New Deal, is the solution for Britain.